Blake Bancroft

Job Titles:
  • Institutional Director Operations & Licensing

Eric Barton - CEO, President

Job Titles:
  • CEO
  • President
At the age of 17, Mr. Barton began serving his country by enlisting in the United States Marine Corps (USMC). As a Mustang officer, he was meritoriously promoted from Sergeant to Lieutenant after being recognized for his outstanding leadership and devotion to the Corps. As a Captain, he served as the National Intelligence Center Senior Analyst for the Combined Joint Task Force - Horn of Africa National Intelligence Cell. In 2004, he was an Honor Graduate from the U.S. Army Chaplain School. During his time as a military professional, Mr. Barton received numerous awards and commendations for professionalism, leadership and service above and beyond the call of duty. Mr. Barton's former corporate positions include serving as a Senior Operations Manager, responsible for directing and overseeing complex multifaceted programs specializing in intelligence, security services, staffing, training, K-9, life support, and operational requirements in the Middle East and Africa. He has managed over $400 million in contracts, successfully mobilized over 6,000 personnel around the world, and has established several companies throughout the U.S., Africa, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. With a decade of international business experience behind him, Mr. Barton created and became President/CEO of Vanquish Worldwide LLC in 2007, a global provider in the government contracting, transportation and logistics industries. Part of Mr. Barton's ongoing commitment as a leader, entrepreneur and visionary is his focus on continuing education and professional certifications. He holds a Master of Business Administration, Magna Cum Laude, Master of Public Administration, Bachelor of Science in Electronics Management and a Master of Divinity. Currently, he just received his Ph.D. in Public Policy, concentrating on International Business and Trade Relations.

Jason King

Job Titles:
  • Instructor
  • Program Director
Jason King, better known as "The English Butler", spent his child hood on sailing yachts. After becoming a captain, he studied at the Ivor Spencer International School of Butler and Estate Management in England, and found his calling. Over the next ten years he worked as a butler and estate manager using his combined talents on properties from Austria to the Hamptons. He brought his skills back to yachting with the intention of training others in the specialized fields of Silver Service, Etiquette, back of House and Management.

Robert Peters

Job Titles:
  • Senior Web Developer

Steve Minton

Job Titles:
  • Programs Recuirter