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For the 20 years my wife and I have lived in our current home, we've known a neighbors who is also the father of one of my wife's friends and the grandfather of one of my son‘s friends. About 10 years ago I began to admire a Dodge Ram dually he had parked in his driveway... About four years ago while out for a walk, I ran into my neighbor and said, "If you ever want to sell that truck, come talk to me first." A year later he mentioned he was selling is camper and eventually was going to sell the truck. I told him I definitely wanted to buy it. He had lots of questions as to why I wanted that truck. My simplest answer is that I was interested in using it on our East Texas cattle ranch. But I also hinted at that I was kind of a gear head and had a few other automobile projects... Shortly after this conversation I got the news that my neighbor had a heart attack while mowing the lawn. If you know James, it wouldn't surprise you that he was going to survive that ordeal. Still, my..
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