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As noted above, Trojans may take different forms, and they have code that makes them capable of doing just about anything on the computer. They are set up to initiate whenever the user restarts the computer. Once installed, it creates a back entry to a remote user, usually cyber-criminals, into the system giving them control of the computer. It may result in the locking out of the owner. All of these actions run silently and secretly. They may even disable a running anti-virus program without the user's knowledge... What people refer to as a Trojan horse or simply a Trojan is malware, which pretends to be something sincere to trick the user into downloading it. It could take the form of a media player, a file attached to an email, a web page, or an application for a smartphone. Users may find the information quite convincing, enough for them to open it, which consequently installs malware. Trojans may take the form of a file. They may masquerade as image files, office documents, sound..
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