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Huzur Istanbul was founded in 2013 in Turkey and through diligent and serious work and excellent service over the years of work and commitment to the dates of transport and delivery Huzur Istanbul excellence in international shipping. Due to the importance of Turkey's geographic location as the link between the continent of Europe and Asia, Huzur Istanbul decided to open its headquarters in Istanbul as a trading center for many Arab and European countries... Due to the confidence of our customers and based on their views and their confidence, we have made Huzur Istanbul one of the most important shipping companies in Turkey because of its integrated shipping forwarding services, air, land and sea shipping to any country in the world and from door to door, delivery to the client's address with the customs clearance where we receive the goods from Any point in Turkey because of our fleet of cars deployed in all regions of Turkey and delivered to any point in the world with customs..
Also known as: Huzur Istanbul Trading Company
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