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If you observe that your website receives a lot of referral traffic and the data is shown in your Google Analytics, you are not alone as a lot of people have faced the same problem. Most of the referral traffic is spam and should be gotten rid of as soon as possible. New surges of referral spam are damaging the data in Google Analytics to a great extent. The attackers not only destroy your site's ranking in the search engine results but also get better ranks for their own websites and blogs. The problem is that how small businesses can deal with referral spam and increase the number of views on their sites... The first question that strikes our mind is that why do the attackers and hackers create Google Analytics spam? Website owners and bloggers keep an eye on Google Analytics and change its settings once in a while. They remove and block the IP addresses that look suspicious and are preventing the real humans from visiting your web pages. A lot of hackers use referral spam to..
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