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2026 S 12th Street, St. Louis, Missouri USA
The Beulah Company is a premier real estate development company based in St. Louis, MO. We deliver innovative home search experiences for buyers and renters to help our clients find a house they are proud to call home. Services Specialties include: St. Louis Real Estate Development, St. Louis Home Rentals, St. Louis Home Renovation, St. Louis Interior Design... Our belief is community growth through care, compassion, and partnership. It's what makes the Beulah experience one to remember, more meaningful in so many ways. That's why we offer renovated, spacious, and unique homes for purchase or rent with luxurious amenities you wouldn't believe... We serve the St. Louis community by providing innovative solutions to help our clients find a place that is theirs to call home. Whether you are new to the area or accommodating your growing family, we have your every need at heart.
Also known as: The Beulah Company, LLC
Primary location: St. Louis United States
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Dan May 06, 2022
This company is joke and so is the owner. Nothing but a scammer who steal materials that he puts into the places he remodels and then lies about it. Claims a reputation of honesty yet has been caught in so many lies and lawsuits he has been forced to change states several times. TL;DR- owner is a Fraud, liar, scammer, dishonest individual who will rob you blind if he can