SMITHFIELDFOODS - History of Changes

2023-02-24 delete evp John Sargent
2023-02-24 delete evp Justin Hanlon
2023-02-24 delete evp Keller Watts
2023-02-24 delete evp Steve France
2023-02-24 insert otherexecutives Joe Weber
2023-02-24 insert otherexecutives Keller Watts
2023-02-24 insert president John Sargent
2023-02-24 insert president Justin Hanlon
2023-02-24 insert president Steve France
2023-02-24 delete person Tim Zimmer
2023-02-24 insert person Joe Weber
2023-02-24 update person_description Doug Sutton => Doug Sutton
2023-02-24 update person_description John Sargent => John Sargent
2023-02-24 update person_description Justin Hanlon => Justin Hanlon
2023-02-24 update person_description Keller Watts => Keller Watts
2023-02-24 update person_title Doug Sutton: Executive Vice President, Manufacturing => Chief Manufacturing Officer
2023-02-24 update person_title John Sargent: Executive Vice President; Executive Vice President, U.S. Hog Operations => President, U.S. Hog Production; President
2023-02-24 update person_title Justin Hanlon: Executive Vice President; Executive Vice President, Fresh Pork => President, U.S. Fresh Pork; President
2023-02-24 update person_title Keller Watts: Executive Vice President; Executive Vice President, Business Management & Supply Planning => Chief Business Officer
2023-02-24 update person_title Steve France: Executive Vice President; Executive Vice President, Packaged Meats => President; President, Packaged Meats
2023-02-08 insert phone (855) 411-7675
2023-02-08 insert terms_pages_linkeddomain
2023-02-08 insert terms_pages_linkeddomain
2023-02-08 insert terms_pages_linkeddomain
2023-02-08 insert terms_pages_linkeddomain
2023-01-22 delete cfo Glenn Nunziata
2023-01-22 delete person Glenn Nunziata
2023-01-22 insert person Tim Zimmer
2023-01-05 delete coo Brady Stewart
2023-01-05 insert cfo Mark Hall
2023-01-05 insert chieflegalofficer Michael Flemming
2023-01-05 insert chiefprocurementofficer Randy Haines
2023-01-05 insert chiefriskofficer Tony Vojslavek
2023-01-05 insert cio Laura Walsh
2023-01-05 insert evp John Sargent
2023-01-05 insert evp Justin Hanlon
2023-01-05 insert evp Keller Watts
2023-01-05 insert evp Steve France
2023-01-05 delete person Brady Stewart
2023-01-05 insert person Doug Sutton
2023-01-05 insert person John Sargent
2023-01-05 insert person Justin Hanlon
2023-01-05 insert person Keller Watts
2023-01-05 insert person Laura Walsh
2023-01-05 insert person Mark Hall
2023-01-05 insert person Michael Flemming
2023-01-05 insert person Randy Haines
2023-01-05 insert person Steve Evans
2023-01-05 insert person Steve France
2023-01-05 insert person Tony Vojslavek
2023-01-05 update person_description Glenn Nunziata => Glenn Nunziata
2022-10-30 delete otherexecutives Keira Lombardo
2022-10-30 delete person Keira Lombardo
2022-09-11 delete otherexecutives Russ Dokken
2022-09-11 delete person Russ Dokken
2022-04-07 delete person FARMER JOHN
2022-02-20 insert person FARMER JOHN
2022-02-05 insert investor_pages_linkeddomain
2021-09-06 delete evp John Sargent
2021-09-06 delete evp Luis Cerdan
2021-09-06 insert coo Brady Stewart
2021-09-06 delete person Jamie Dik
2021-09-06 delete person Joe Weber
2021-09-06 delete person John Sargent
2021-09-06 delete person Luis Cerdan
2021-09-06 delete person Mark Hall
2021-09-06 delete person Steve France
2021-09-06 update person_description Brady Stewart => Brady Stewart
2021-09-06 update person_title Brady Stewart: Chief Manufacturing Officer => Chief Operating Officer; Chief Operating Officer in 2021 and Is Directly Responsible
2021-07-18 update website_status EmptyPage => OK