CROSSPAY - Key Persons

Aarthy Swaminathan

Job Titles:
  • Senior Software Developer
Aarthy Swaminathan, an ardent Chennai-ite is the Senior Software Developer at Crosspay. Aarthy has graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Information Technology. She plunged into the fintech world with passion to make payment hassle-free for people around the globe. With that goal in mind and with a lot of support of course, she managed to rise up the ladder as a subject matter expert and solutions architect. The crux of Aarthy's passion stems from the fact that it is particularly challenging to create a payments solution that is easy to use yet sophisticated enough to be secure. Aarthy hopes and strives to bridge the gap between "feature rich" and "minimalism" in terms of user experience.

Jiby Susan

Job Titles:
  • Solutions Manager
Jiby Susan is the Solutions Manager at Crosspay. Jiby has over 15 years of experience in IT with especially with financial institutions and money exchange houses. She has extensive knowledge on Remittances and Foreign Exchange domains and is experienced in managing various phases of the Software Development Life Cycle. She has prior experiences as a Java Developer and has taken part in various Software Development programs across multiple companies.

Nikhil Samuel - CTO

Job Titles:
  • Chief Technology Officer
As CTO at Crosspay Technologies, Nikhil Samuel is responsible for leading platform architecture, infrastructure and customer facing applications. Nikhil brings in over 17 years of experience in managing technology groups providing reliability, scalability and security solutions to tier-1 banking and telecom organisations. Prior to joining Crosspay, Nikhil led the performance architecture consulting engagements at large scale financial institutions such as UBS Wealth Management UK, Barclays and FCA, where he focussed on achieving scalability for mission-critical applications. After the merger between Charter and Time Warner Cable, Nikhil led a team that delivered optimizations for applications and infrastructure of the integrated entity. Nikhil holds an MBA from Imperial College, London. His research work was performed in collaboration with UBS Crypto labs where he focussed on DLT in post-trade processing in the capital markets. He also contributed as a thematic researcher at ARK investment during 2016-2017. Nikhil also holds an Engineering Degree in Computer Science.


Job Titles:
  • Chief Product Officer
Preethy is a technically experienced computer engineer with knowledge across various platforms. Her role develops the product strategy and spearheads the product roadmap as Crosspay scales internationally. She has worked in the banking industry in the United Kingdom with skills in analysing system requirements, design, and product development. She is currently focusing on the delivery of the ground-breaking new features and the global evolution of our platform, whilst bridging the gap between Tech and Commercial.


Job Titles:
  • CEO
  • Founder
  • Founder and CEO of Crosspay Limited
Rakesh Kurian is the founder and CEO of Crosspay Limited and the pioneer behind Crosspay Giving. He has a proven track record of success in launching new business projects. Rakesh is a born entrepreneur with over 20 years in the payments industry, having extensive knowledge in foreign exchange, remittances and cross-border payments. Before Crosspay, Rakesh was responsible for the establishment of a money transfer start-up that grew to become a bank in the United Kingdom. Rakesh is instrumental in building successful cuttingedge money transfer products across the world for payment institutions such as UAE Exchange and the BFC Group.

Sajeev Prasanna Sreedharan

Job Titles:
  • Operations Manager
Sajeev Prasanna Sreedharan is the Operations manager at Crosspay Technologies and is responsible for managing and planning the entire operations and finances of the organisation. Sajeev has over 22 years in the financial services industry, and after the completion of his post-graduation, has worked in the Middle East & in India in similar roles. In his previous role, Sajeev had won the prestigious award ‘Value champion for outstanding commitment to BFC Values' and other appreciations while working with BFC Bahrain. Sajeev has also attended various workshops to stay organized and is efficient in managing stress and work pressures effectively. Sajeev also enjoys travelling, sports and music in his free time.


Job Titles:
  • Director
  • Director of Compliance and Operations
Sarayu Dharmaraj, is the Director of Compliance and Operations of Crosspay Technologies. She has over 10 years of experience in the payments and foreign exchange industry. She previously worked with BFC Bank as MLRO and also headed Human Resources for 3 years. Sarayu is responsible for enhancing business practices by ensuring high standards of regulatory and non- regulatory compliance. Sarayu has in-depth experience in running charities and helps manages Capstone Church governance and compliance. She has a Master's in law and is also a Certified Anti Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS). Sarayu Dharmaraj has strategic experience in implementing effective levels of work, while moving the complexity out of daily operations and improving the capability and skills of client management and employees together to achieve organizational goals and business strategy.

Veerajayababu Ramar

Job Titles:
  • Platform Architect
Veerajayababu Ramar, is the Platform Architect at Crosspay Technologies. Veera is responsible for identifying, designing and the implementation of optimal solutions for requirements that would satisfy external as well as internal customers (Operations). Veera holds a master's degree in computer applications.

Vinay Abraham

Job Titles:
  • AVP Product Management
Vinay Abraham is the AVP of Product Management at Crosspay. Vinay is highly focused and strategy oriented with over 5 years of experience in IT and the product space. Vinay has completed his Masters in Management of Information Systems and Digital Innovation from the London School of Economics and is experienced in building products that scale by identifying consumer preference and trends and translating them to consumer centric products. Vinay loves to dig deep into customer problems and solve them by incorporating innovative digital solutions through a customer focused strategy. He is experienced across different IT domains including large scale enterprise implementations, custom application development and consumer product development. He has worked with cross-functional teams across the globe, over various phases of the product life cycle from requirements to configuration and release.

Wilfredo Santos

Job Titles:
  • Operations Manager
Wilfredo Santos is the Operations Manager at Crosspay. He has over 12 years' experience in the cross-border remittance and foreign exchange industry. He previously headed the online branch of BFC Bank (formerly BFC Exchange Ltd). Wilfredo also has experience in sales particularly focusing on the Philippines and South East Asian remittance market and over the years has been successful in increasing customer base and transactions for these corridors. His experience varies from sales, retail/online operations, rate and fee management to providing quality customer service.