Karl Dhanbhoora

Job Titles:
  • Social Media Executive
The Social Media Executive at All Stars Digital, Karl excels at all things social media. Whether it's coming up with campaign ideas or creative content, he's your guy! He loves experiencing new things and brings that to his role by always looking for better ways to promote your brand. Unique and quirky content is his bread and butter!

Krish Tibrewala

Job Titles:
  • Marketing Executive
Good content is good storytelling, and that is exactly what Krish is good at. He is a marketing executive at All Stars Digital. Krish brings a lot of energy and enthusiasm to the workplace. The three things he enjoys the most is napping, playing with his dog, and napping with his dog. He claims a sale doesn't mean closing a client, but creating a long term relationship.

Riddhi Chhabria - CEO, Founder

Job Titles:
  • CEO
  • Founder
An engineer by blood and a marketer by profession. She is the Founder of All Stars Digital. Riddhi finds joy in little things. She loves her dog more than she adores most humans. She believes that marketing is not any more about the stuff you make but about the stories you tell. She knows that everyone has a special story and she wants everyone to have the chance to share it with the world.

Ruchi Damania

Job Titles:
  • Social Media Wizard
Looking to amplify your organic social media presence? RuchiDamania is your person! As dedicated and passionate as she is about being in the know of the latest trends, she makes sure the requirements of her clients are tailor-made to their preferences. If you want YOU to be the next big thing, Ruchi is the one you can count upon.