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9, Beştepe, Yenimahalle 06560 06560 Ankara, Turkey
GAMA's knowledge of steam production has not only been limited to boilers but also the performance impacts of the steam power equipment produced and the activities in the energy sector have brought GAMA to a level where constructions of power plants in their entirety can be undertaken. As a natural consequence of reaching such a high level of capacity, the main activity area of GAMA Boiler Technologies Inc., which was founded in 1990, was expanded with the participation of power systems and in 2002 the company name was amended as GAMA Power Systems Engineering and Contracting, Inc. Since 2002, GAMAPower Systems has attained a strategic status on a wide geographical area in the field of "EPC" (Engineering-Procurement-Construction) based turn-key projects of simple and combined cycle power plants, especially gas turbines. In a short period of time GAMA Power Systems has made significant progress and has undertaken the turnkey constructions of global projects, and as of 2021, has carried..
Also known as: GAMA Boiler Technologies Inc., GAMA Construction Group Limited, GAMA Construction Inc., GAMA Construction Ireland Ltd., GAMA Construction Limited, GAMA Construction Ltd., GAMA Energy Inc., GAMA Energy International B.V., GAMA Holding, GAMA Holding A.Ş., GAMA Holding Inc., GAMA Industry Arabia Ltd., GAMA International B.V., GAMA Limited, GAMA Power Systems Engineering and Contracting, Inc., GAMA Real Estate Investment and Construction Inc., GAMA Stroy Ltd., GAMA Trading and Tourism Inc.
Primary location: Ankara Turkey
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