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It's safe to say that blocking unwanted bots is like you are trying to get rid of the viruses or pests. You can block the bots only when you have fully identified them. First, you have to determine the IP address where the bots are coming from. For this, you can download your weblog from the web host, uncompress it with the help of archives and open in a plain text editor. Here you can observe whether real humans or bots are visiting your site. The next step is to locate the entries that belong to the bots and look for the user agent strings... Bots are basically the fake and automated programs that surf your website to perform a variety of tasks. It is a short form of robots and can damage your site to a great extent. Some of the examples of bots are those that have been blacklisted by the search engines. Some bots visit your websites and send you spam in a large number, while others probe your sites for security vulnerabilities. Before you block bots from seeing your site, it is..
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