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We have a dream that a time will come that God will raise a generation that would arise like arms and lead Nigeria to her destiny. That dream became our motivation to try to partner with God to raise a generation that would realize that dream. A generation that would halt the slide. We began to conceive a nursery where a generation of young people would be trained and be enabled to believe in the potential that they have mighty men of valor in the cradle, generals in the nursery, senators, governors and presidents in the incubation. Bishops and General overseers, managing directors, professors and vice chancellors, Obas and community leaders in the making. Hence we decided to mobilize all that we can to train our children to make them believe in God and in themselves. They must realize the potential that God has deposited in them... We believe that leaders are not only born, they are also made, though, Plato taught in his epistemology that the teacher is only a midwife who helps the..
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