MOZOUT - Key Persons

Etelvino José - CTO

Job Titles:
  • CTO
Personal evolution is very encouraged what is fantastic and the main feature of being a member of MozOut. We have by default continue to learn how things work rather than just do them.

Natércia Otília - CFO

Job Titles:
  • CFO
Consistently delivering meaningful results is a team sport: driving, interacting and giving value to others while pulling on one's own to achieve the company's goals.

Nilza Odete - CMO

Job Titles:
  • CMO
Bright people and the good environment empower them to move mountains. We dispense with budgets if we present the transparent data at the right time. Smart people make wise decisions.

Roldão Mucuho - CEO

Job Titles:
  • CEO
The teams are much more autonomous and have their own OKR's. Without bureaucracy, unnecessary coordination, everyone is able to make things happen in an efficient way.