Job Titles:
  • Founder & Mother of Fivesome Sisters
An IRON WOMAN by heart in a lean and small body; a phenomenal woman in all walks of life, Radiya Bhen had seen a challenging childhood of limited means and resources. Married at a very young age, she took to settling and adjusting to her new family with passion and positivity. A mother of five children, she was fastidious and fierce. Her creative acumen pushed us (sisters) to learn new skills like embroidery, mehendi, painting, arts, designing and more. Growing through her years in marriage and motherhood; she indulged in small and odd businesses of Laces, Ridas, Jewellery and Fancy items. Excited to start creative businesses, Migzal is her brainchild. She devoted most of her later years to Migzal; giving in more hours than the rest of the team.


Job Titles:
  • Head of Operations
The jack and master of all trades, Rashida monitors and supervises all the operations at Migzal. From marketing, sales and payment records to planning and strategizing marketing campaigns, she works on it all. Like her skills as an operational head, her interests lie in many fields like cooking, arts and crafts, adventures, fitness, outdoor games and being part of profound discussions. She is a bold leader and a good teacher. For her, Migzal represents the strength of five sisters with a goodwill of trust and a vision to grow into a luxury brand.