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1462 Dorchester Avenue Dorchester, MA 02122
MX Company, Inc. has been in business since 2001. We are located in Dorchester, MA, a large city that is a part of Boston, Massachusetts. More specifically we a located in Fields Corner, the heart of Dorchester. Fields Corner is a busy business district filled with a diverse community of Vietnamese, African-American, Caribbean, Irish and Latino businesses and residents... We sell wireless communication services including accessories and provide support and repair services. We are a T-Mobile Authorized dealer since it was Voicestream. We provide a large selection of the most popular prepaid services in the market such as: T-Mobile Monthly 4G, GoSmart Mobile, Ultramobile, Lycamobile, Simple Mobile, H20, Net10, and much more. We are a dealer for most popular International pinless calling services such as V24.7, Lunex Telecom, Papa Telecom, Hello Choice, Boss Revolution, etc..... This is picture was taken on July 2011. It was during the grand opening of the green building that we are..
Also known as: MX Company, Inc.
Primary location: Dorchester United States
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