SEELIG - Key Persons

Anja Maria Seelig - Founder, President

Job Titles:
  • Founder
  • President
Anja Maria Seelig, computer scientist, has been working in the field of internet communication since 1994: She worked at Deutsche Börse AG where she set up its corporate division internet and headed this division for three years. Then she worked for five years as director and head of e-communications for Deutsche Bank AG where she was responsible for its internet communications worldwide. Thereafter she was head of financial services at Google and responsible for sales and distribution in Germany for the financial industry. In February 2008, she founded her own consulting company Seelig GmbH.

Dino Pannozzo

Job Titles:
  • Art Director
  • Head of Development
  • Specialist in German
Dino Pannozzo, specialist in German studies, whose enormous talent in internet design was discovered in 1995. He worked for many years for Mannesmann Arcor, Deutsche Börse AG, Deutsche Bank AG as well as DZ BANK AG. He won several awards, for instance, for the design of Deutsche Börse AG's homepage and the relaunch of Deutsche Bank AG's the internet presence.