BOSCH - Key Persons

Akash Soni

At Bosch Energy and Building Solutions in India, the project manager implements solutions to achieve better energy efficiency. The adaptability of nature is my main source of inspiration. It absorbs so many things without ever saying "no". This is also what motivated me to work on ways to achieve greater energy efficiency. I call people's attention to the importance of efficient processes and conserving natural resources. This also indirectly helps me meet my social obligations. How exactly do you make your customers happy? As an experienced energy manager, I can easily spot where existing processes are wasting energy. And when I call a client's attention to a problem and offer them the right solution and the wished-for results, they're delighted. That's great, because I want my clients to be happy. And in my experience, the best approach is to put myself in their shoes, listen to them, and put them at the center of the entire project. What benefits do you see as a result of increased networking? IoT and connectivity have already opened up vast new possibilities for companies, and new ones are joining them all the time. An energy platform helps us improve energy efficiency. It creates transparency by delivering key metrics on the energy consumption of processes and machines. This helps companies optimize their energy efficiency. Many industries are networking with one another, which is already improving people's lives and work. And there is still huge potential for future advances, for instance in agriculture. "There is still huge potential for future advances."

Anna-Lena Kniebel

Job Titles:
  • the Junior Consultant at Bosch Climate Solutions Advises Customers on the Road to Becoming Climate - Neutral Enterprises
The junior consultant at Bosch Climate Solutions advises customers on the road to becoming climate-neutral enterprises. Ms. Kniebel, what excites you every day about working for Bosch Climate Solutions? Our team and our customers! For one thing, I immensely enjoy being able to learn something new every day as part of an inspiring team at a corporate startup. And I'm inspired again and again by experiencing first-hand how motivated our customers are to accept responsibility and start down the path for becoming a climate-neutral company.

Bernard Gijzen

Job Titles:
  • Solutions Engineer
  • Solutions Engineer at the Dutch
Bernard Gijzen, Solutions Engineer at the Bosch subsidiary in the Netherlands, develops comprehensive and future-proof solutions - and they don't come off the shelf. The more individually they are planned and implemented, the more they bring our customers forward in the long term and provide optimal support for the digital transformation of a company. Bernard Gijzen is an outgoing person, but that isn't the only reason he attaches importance to getting to know the people he deals with. For him, it's key for the success of projects. "We develop solutions for our customers. But it isn't about the best hardware for security or building automation applications. Rather, it's about having the best ideas for merging systems on a platform that actually does what it's supposed to, is long-lived, and above all is reliable." For this to work, it's essential to know one another, build on the expertise of colleagues, communicate quickly and easily, and keep each other up to speed.

Björn Kockrick - VP of Sales

Job Titles:
  • Head of Sales

Colleen Turski

Colleen works as an account manager-owner direct sales at our US subsidiary Climatec. A job she loves and that motivates her every day. I love that my job is not stagnant and each day provides me with new challenges. Knowing that every day is different and that I am still able to bring solutions to my customers, in an ever changing environment, is energizing. How do you make your customers happy? I have been employed at Climatec for fourteen years, during that time I have developed an extensive knowledge base of building automation systems. This knowledge base allows me to be an outside the box thinker and a solution provider. The ability to solve problems is what makes my customers happy. What benefits do you see as a result of increased networking? The benefits of IoT are endless. My customers are tasked with adding to the bottom line but their expenses continue to increase, a no win situation. Preventative maintenance is often disregarded, not because it's not necessary but because the man power and time to manage incoming work orders and preventative maintenance does not exist. IoT can backfill the lack of man power through the use of fault detection, giving customers a specified list on where to spend their time and what item will have the largest ROI. "The ability to solve problems is what makes my customers happy"

Cristian Fiallo

The energy efficiency expert at Bosch Climate Solutions supports customers with energy efficiency concepts and climate strategies. Mr. Fiallo, what excites you every day about working for Bosch Climate Solutions? I'm greatly motivated by the close, collegial collaboration within our team and the wide range of challenges I get to work on for and with our customers. Our portfolio ranges from finding ways to save energy at a particular location all the way to developing global decarbonization strategies. In addition, I truly enjoy the feeling of helping to make the world a little more sustainable. Last but not least, sustainability is a broad topic - the field is constantly evolving and there are always new things to learn.

David Ziegler

Job Titles:
  • Portfolio Manager Life Safety at Bosch Energy and Building Solutions
David Ziegler has applied his extensive experience and love of acoustics to hundreds of customer projects involving public address, and voice alarm systems. He knows that bad sound can ruin even the best concert. David Ziegler is also happy to explain everything that is possible with IP-based voice alarming in a direct conversation or, as here, at the Feuertrutz trade fair Passion for a hobby fueled passion for his profession "I mostly work on projects in which we develop completely novel public address and voice alarm system ideas," explains Ziegler. For him, most large projects - such as airports, data centers, and sports arenas - begin like a blank sheet of paper on which he sketches an idea. No building is like another in terms of acoustics, and designing a security solution for it therefore also calls for a unique, unprejudiced approach. "It depends on a building's physical parameters. The art is in taking these into account. For example, it's important to avoid ‘stimulating' hard surfaces too much. Sound strikes a wall and is reflected, then hits another wall and also bounces off it. The more times this happens, the more diffuse and difficult to understand the sound gets. A classic example is the Cologne Cathedral, which has a reverberation period of five to six seconds." Listening to Ziegler makes you curious to learn more. He has a knack for describing things like sound waves, sound pressure, room acoustics, and the speech transmission index (STI) so that they come alive. The STI is a measure of speech intelligibility: for example, how well spectators understand loudspeaker announcements. He probably owes his special talent to having spent practically his whole life in this field. David's father was a electromechanics specialist who focused on music-related electronics: building and repairing loudspeakers, power amplifiers, and complex sound reinforcement systems. His brothers have also pursued audio-related careers. Inspired by his father, Ziegler trained as an electrician while mixing music for bands and events on the side. During his military service he was assigned to a telecommunications unit, and then also put himself through college by working as an electrotechnician. Ziegler eventually wound up specializing in fire extinguishing systems for server rooms, data centers and similar facilities. That changed when he joined Bosch in 2005, a career move that enabled him to return to electroacoustics. Ziegler managed a workshop before becoming a system consultant and sales expert specialized in professional public address and electroacoustic systems for emergency alarm and voice alarm systems.

Freek Vermeulen

As a Customer Program Manager for airports, Freek is responsible for customer and stakeholder relationships at Schiphol Airport. What excites you about working for Bosch Energy and Building Solutions in the Netherlands day after day? At the airport, our "embedded" team acts as a system integrator and primarily concerns itself with safety and security technology, advises Schiphol on technical issues and projects, provides and installs solutions, and performs tasks such as maintenance and servicing. We are very proud of the fact that the Bosch team at Schiphol is a genuine technology partner and that we share the same values and goals with our customer. Cultivating a long-term relationship is very important to us. How do you make your customers happy? We are able to contribute to identifying solutions, and we offer a wide range of expertise in the specialized field of safety and security technology at airports. With our strong focus on innovation, we can help make Schiphol Airport more secure, more efficient, and so forth: "Technology for Life"! What benefits do you see as a result of increased networking and IoT? We are enabled to truly position ourselves as a technology partner to the airport in the AIoT domain. In the past, cameras were only used for security purposes. With new AI functions added to cameras, we can now offer new, relevant functionality: counting people, counting traffic, detecting anomalies, and many other innovative capabilities. "Cultivating a long-term relationship is very important to us."

Jaime Pereira

Jaime manages the Bosch plant in Hermosillo, Mexico, where communication products and sensors are manufactured. "I have always felt very privileged to be working with such dedicated, committed, extraordinary people." I would sum it up in three words: purpose, challenge, and teamwork. I identify with Bosch's purpose and values: making things because they matter, because they serve a meaningful purpose. At the end of the day, we can ask ourselves "do I feel proud of what I've done today?" and the answer should be clear. I also truly believe that we are motivated by challenges and need to constantly challenge ourselves to achieve even more. One can't expect this to be a simple path, but in the end what we learn and receive along it can be tremendous. And finally, it's about us and working together. I have always felt very privileged to be working with such dedicated, committed, extraordinary people. How do you make your customers happy? Well, within in the scope of a plant, we are responsible for providing the right products with the right quality at the right moment. But thinking about how customers feel, it involves more than that. We are all part of a complex network of internal suppliers and customers. We need to keep this chain working perfectly at all times. It's about our attitude toward customers and having a genuine wish to maximize our contribution and exceed the expectations of those we interact with. And this is achieved with teamwork and people who make it happen. What benefits do you see as a result of technologies such as IoT and increased networking? We are seeing so many successful new (or enhanced) products and business models based on IoT, greater networking, data analysis, etc. Because this adds value for people and our business. It's about finding better solutions for meeting existing needs. We all know that IoT can make our lives safer, healthier, and more enjoyable (e.g. by automating routine tasks). And again, this is totally in line with our motto of "technology and innovation for life". There are so many opportunities, and each step opens many other doors. It's just wonderful! "I have always felt very privileged to be working with such dedicated, committed, extraordinary people."

Julia Steinacker

Job Titles:
  • Business Owner
  • Product Manager
As a Business Owner and Product Manager at Bosch, Julia is responsible for innovative access control solutions including Mobile Access. "I believe that the only way for us to successfully provide the right products is by continually exchanging ideas with our customers." Julia, what excites you about working for Bosch Building Technologies every day? I see a strong trend toward digital and IoT solutions in buildings for making our lives more sustainable, safer, and more secure. Every day I'm amazed by the many innovative solutions that we at Bosch are working on and able to offer. I find it highly motivating to be part of the Bosch family and contribute to our innovative access solutions.

Kajetan Fritz

Job Titles:
  • Software Architect at Bosch Energy and Building Solutions
Kajetan Fritz is part of a software team at Bosch Energy and Building Solutions. As a software architect, he supports customers, for example, in the planning and integration of cloud solutions or database management systems that make building operations safer and more efficient. All of the threads come together in Kajetan Fritz. He keeps everything in view, assigns tasks, spots potential obstacles along the way, accelerates or slows the pace as appropriate, and also rolls up his sleeves to help with the hands-on programming work when required. Fritz is part of a software team at Bosch Energy and Building Solutions, where his role resembles that of an architect in housing construction: "Like building projects, various trades are involved in programming. There's a database specialist, while someone else concentrates on programming servers and a third person focuses on Web applications. The software architect's job is to hold everything together." His responsibilities range from planning and design, across the equipment used, all the way to budgeting and making sure that the legal requirements in connection with using the software are met. Fritz joined Bosch Energy and Building Solutions in Grasbrunn back in 2017. He wanted to join an innovative company, and Bosch fit the bill perfectly. "Not many software developers and architects currently have Bosch on their radar as an IoT company. To tell the truth, I was also surprised to learn how much Bosch has to offer in this field and how many software experts are working on really innovative solutions across the Bosch Group worldwide. The interviews I was invited to during the recruiting process opened my mind. There was honest, frank communication without any empty promises. And they've come through on everything that we discussed." Fritz is also enthusiastic about working on projects that deliver greater safety and safeguard the climate. "State-of-the-art solutions play a major role, and I really enjoy contributing to them."

Kelvin Cheong

As a project leader in our Singapore team Kelvin develops and implements integrated building solutions to ensure security and life safety. Mr. Cheong, what excites you about working for Bosch Energy and Building Solutions day after day? The wide variety of challenges that we face together with our customers and suppliers. It's awesome when we meet their expectations.

Lori Fillman

Job Titles:
  • As Director of Sales at Climatec, Lori Fillman Organizes Sales Efforts Holistically and Facilitates the Achievement of the Sales Objectives
As Director of Sales at Climatec, Lori Fillman organizes sales efforts holistically and facilitates the achievement of the sales objectives. "I leverage Climatec's strengths, best practices and synergies companywide to drive significant growth across the US."

Marius Kaiser

Job Titles:
  • Project Head
  • Specialist
Passionate manager and man from the field: project head Marius Kaiser provides insights into his work Marius Kaiser manages teams of up to 50 members, depending on a project's size For Kaiser, every project begins long before the actual work starts and isn't wrapped up until well after it has been completed and vetted. "As system integrators at Bosch, we plan, for example, security systems or solutions to achieve greater energy efficiency or improve fire protection, install them and then maintain them. My team's job is in the process stage where the structural foundations are laid and we implement the solutions and systems, " says Kaiser. He can often be found on site, most recently at the new Bosch Campus in Feuerbach. "A construction site is a dynamic place," he says, referring to the fact that there's always something to organize or speed up, and occasionally also glitches to be smoothed out. Kaiser delights in the blend of new events and proven know-how that characterizes his job. This has to do with the fact that his background was in practical, hands-on work and he draws on this experience to accurately assess situations and make decisions that can be hard for a project leader who is well-versed in theory but still lacks real-world experience. More than anything else, Kaiser is responsible for the business side of projects and leading the members of his team. For smaller projects this can mean a crew of five to 10 people, while bigger ones can involve up to 50. Marius Kaiser knows when priorities need to be reset or he should call in reinforcements from the dense Bosch network to guide the project safely to its goal Marius Kaiser completed vocational training as a mechatronics specialist for energy technology and power generation, then entered the field of building systems and earned master's credentials in electrical engineering. After passing an exam on technical management at a chamber of commerce and industry, he joined Bosch in 2018 to manage large projects. He is solutions-oriented and approachable, and his organizational talents are legendary. And word has gotten around, not only on the job, but also among friends and family. "Skills and knowledge flow in both directions between work and private life," he says.

Michel Huger

Job Titles:
  • Service Technician
  • Security Expert
Security expert Michel Huger and service technician Roland Simion work as a team to serve customers in southern Germany's Allgäu region. They're convinced that first-rate solutions and a personal touch are behind the trustful partnership that Bosch enjoys with customers. Bosch security expert Michel Huger and Bosch service technician Roland Simion on their teamwork in the Allgäu region of Germany Security expert Michel Huger and service technician Roland Simion serve their customers in Germany's Allgäu region as a team. For one of them, the Fellhornbahn, they ride their gondola lift from the town of Oberstdorf up to the top of the mountain. Also from the bird's-eye perspective of the summit, their valuable partnership built on trust and personal contact inspires a valuable mix of topnotch solutions.

Nico Zimmermann

Job Titles:
  • Project Manager Deals With Customers, Suppliers and Staff, Ensuring That Everything Is Done Properly and on Schedule
The project manager deals with customers, suppliers and staff, ensuring that everything is done properly and on schedule. Mr. Zimmermann, what excites you about working for Bosch Energy and Building Solutions day after day? I greatly enjoy identifying and implementing appropriate solutions to meet our customers' needs. It takes teamwork to accomplish this. Our projects bring together a lot of people for performing a wide range of tasks: employees of customers, suppliers and subcontractors, and naturally our own staff. Working and communicating with all of them is a highly rewarding activity. And when a customer is happy with the end result, it's an even better feeling!

Richard Berry

Job Titles:
  • R & D Qualification and Conformity Manager
Richard Berry works as R&D Qualification and Conformity Manager at Bosch subsidiary Protec Fire And Security Group Ltd.

Roland Simion

Job Titles:
  • Service Technician
  • Security Expert
  • Telecommunications Electronics Technician at Bosch 35
Roland Simion's laptop is his office. He serves around 120 customers in the region. Each morning he checks online whether any problems have come up during the night; that's when there can be surprises. Can the scheduled maintenance dates be kept or does "first aid" have to be provided somewhere, scrambling his plans for the day? The service technician has therefore made it a rule to at least keep his first appointment before dealing with other requests, in order to stay more or less on schedule. "And if I get stuck, which occasionally happens, I can turn to colleagues elsewhere in the Bosch world. I've never personally met many of them, but we communicate just fine digitally." So far, Roland Simion and Michel Huger have been able to solve every problem that has come up, thus keeping their customers happy.

Sabrina Ruis

Job Titles:
  • Technician
Sabrina Ruis stands out as the only woman on her 12-member team in Stuttgart. But both at work and in her private life, she has always done what she wants. She played soccer for 20 years, and her other exploits have included pedaling her bicycle with a group of others from Stuttgart all the way to Berlin, jumping out of a plane with a parachute, and climbing Germany's tallest mountain, the Zugspitze, with her boyfriend. "I enjoy challenges," she says. "They really motivate me." She also seeks them at work. This is made easy by the fact that her job is different every day. For example, it can happen that the finalized plans for a system have to be completely redone at short notice because it turns out that the customer has additional requirements. "It can mean recalculating everything," says Ruis calmly. It doesn't appear to faze her that the changes will keep her busy for several weeks. At the headquarters of Bosch Power Tools in Leinfelden-Echterdingen, Sabrina Ruis, together with the team planned a new storage and distribution center in the central energy supply plant for supplying heat to the site When the technician draws plans on the computer using CAD software, she has an eye for detail as well as an overview of the entire project Sabrina Ruis measures the distance between the pipe axles in the central energy supply plant with a meter stick Sabrina Ruis belongs to the energy efficiency planning team. Its members value each other's skills, and they all know that projects of this kind can only be smoothly implemented as a team. It means working together. "I often accompany the planner when he goes to the site to size up the situation. He meets the prerequisites for technically integrating the cogeneration plant at its future location, while I handle the detailed planning. While working on it I spot possible problems. Like, for example, that a fan for the air supply or discharge system can't be installed as planned because a support is in the way or the legacy conduits have different diameters." Because she's involved in planning the details, she gains a good overview of the project. Ruis is currently working diligently to master a fresh challenge, namely building information modeling (BIM) for process digitalization. BIM enables cost-saving, effective project planning and implementation by centrally coordinating the work of everyone involved in a project and allowing them to smoothly communicate and collaborate with one another. The future is now.

Thomas Quante

Job Titles:
  • CEO of Bosch Building Technologies
Our promises As part of the Bosch Group we are commited to these core values.

Tim Kosok

Job Titles:
  • the System Consultant Advises Companies across a Range of Industries, Devising Building Solutions That Are Tailored to Their Needs
Mr. Kosok, what inspires you every day about your work for Bosch Energy and Building Solutions? A lot of things. For instance, that I have the chance to make a real difference here at Bosch by working with commitment and passion. And that I get to meet so many new people in connection with my projects. I also love facing challenges, seizing opportunities, and driving change. Which is exactly what my customers expect of me.