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1901 Sixth Avenue North Suite 1700 Birmingham, AL 35203
When eleven lawyers assembled in 1984, they had a singular mission: to create a law firm that serves clients at the highest level of excellence while providing its people a fulfilling and quality environment, establishing a respected institution that positively impacts the community. Maynard Cooper & Gale was built from this purpose and has evolved into a nationally recognized, full-service law firm offering innovative solutions to clients that face complex business and legal challenges... Today, we work with our clients to understand them at a granular level, advocating on their behalf and fostering meaningful partnerships. We integrate seamlessly across our practice areas to provide the right solution to their problems efficiently and effectively, supporting their overall initiatives. With attorneys coast-to-coast, we generate consistent legal experiences and positive outcomes that advance stated business goals, regardless of location. With our expansive geographic base, we..
Primary location: Birmingham United States
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