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Honolulu, United States
3D Innovations provides Product Development services assisting companies with all stages of development. Our suite of services includes product design/engineering, prototyping, 3D Printing, additive manufacturing, supply chain management, packaging d..

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Greeley, United States
We began back in 1999 with the development of Island Worlds. Our goal was to develop compelling solutions to transform exercise from a dreaded chore to an experience that is both fun and challenging. Since then we've developed numerous exergaming har..

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United Kingdom

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Altona, Australia
3D Design Innovations - a design house with high end Design & Product Development capabilities located in Melbourne, Australia... We have a long history in Product Design and Manufacture. Our work experiences range from Product design to Mechanical ..

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We are designers, architects, artists and dreamers. We believe that every client deserves to understand, every designer deserves to be respected, and every modeler deserves to push buttons at midnight... We are constantly growing our network of prof..

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