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Barcelona, Spain
CMB is an experienced and dynamic company. Our objectives are the continuous improvement of quality management and the innovation of our products with the aim of satisfying our customers needs... CMB was founded in 1986 with the aim of transforming ..

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Antwerp, Belgium
CMB was founded in 1895 as a shipping line linking Belgium and the Congo. We were then known as the Compagnie Belge Maritime du Congo (CBMC). However, over time our shipping lines extended further afield. We were renamed as the Compagnie Maritime Bel..

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Mansfield, United Kingdom

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Berlin, Chile
Recognising potentials and preserving as well as consistently developing and optimising values, is the incentive of our daily business. We provide you with a comprehensive service for all aspects of your property. We regard your real estate investmen..

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Exton, United States
CMB Solutions provides on-demand project management services to small and mid-sized industrial clients. Claire offers over 25 years of project management experience working in diverse areas such as systems implementation, new business integration, st..

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Speaking about his work with CMB he says ‘When it became clear that the service was to be restricted in Local Authorities to only what had to be provided by law, I left and joined Carol in order to continue to work with adopted adults and relatives i..

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CMB & Partners was founded in 2008, in an industrialized area of Romania, while the head office is located in the capital, Bucharest... CMB & Partners was created to provide personnel support to the world's largest companies in the engineering and i..

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