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Blaydon On Tyne, United Kingdom
SAFETY AND ECOLOGY CORPORATION (SEC) is a rapidly growing environmental services company in the U.S., providing services nationally, in Europe and the Caribbean. The Company specializes in the removal and remediation of hazardous nuclear materials fo..

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Sedona, United States
Although we have been in business since 1974, SEC is a progressive civil engineering, surveying, land planning, natural resources and professional forestry consulting firm committed to excellence. Our diversity and expertise is what gives us the abil..

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Houston, United States
SEC Energy is a full-service compression design and manufacturing company that provides production and processing equipment, turnkey engineering services, truck-based service technicians, manufacturer parts, and power generation equipment for the oil..

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NEWS » Number of contractors demanded on disengagement be... Turkish Trade Expo » Our company presented by the General Manger Eng/... Qualifications of Executing the sewer and sanitati... » We deliver our best congratulations to the..... was establi..

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Jeddah, K.s.a
Development schemes with limited income and conneting new houssing grants, we support the decision of the Ministry of Municipal affairs to halt the sale of al private residential schemes in all regions of the Kingdom, led by the city of jeddah (Arous..

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SEC is currently working on an assessment study aiming to assess the extent to which the members services, provided by sectors representatives (in our case PITA and PFIU), meet the members expectations. Field survey, structured interviews and gap ana..

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Tucson, United States
Given the stakes of an SEC investigation, no one should attempt to deal with the SEC on their own. Heurlin Sherlock has extensive experience in working with the SEC. Heurlin Sherlock understands how the SEC operates as an agency and its unique rules,..

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New Berlin, United States
SEC, the SURFACE ETCHING COOPERATION, has been established to represent companies from around the world - specializing in surface etching - to pool their resources in an effort to provide customers with the most efficient services.

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Zurich, Switzerland
SEC Consult Study on Smart Home Security in Germany - a first silver lining on the horizon of IoT?

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