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Walton-on-thames, United Kingdom
In addition to our garden furniture restoration, finishing, and refinishing, we also provide professional painting and decorating and patio cleaning service . We can do full maintenance of your garden furniture once a year which normally include..

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As an owner of wood products it is very important you know the difference between maintenace and restoration. Teak restoration is the process of bringing wood back to it's original state after it has turned grey or black from sitting outside...

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Pieces of teak furniture are popular and are often used in outdoor furniture. They are a popular choice for homeowners. Teak is normally easy to care for but often can fade to gray when weathered. One may need the services of a teak restoration..

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Don't trust your teak to just anyone! Teak Master has been in business for more than 18 years and is the premier teak refinishing company in the Orange County area. We can help you with your deck, fence, gazebo, furniture and more... The beauty of..

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Teak is a very low maintenance wood and requires minimal care which could be provided from teak restoration San Diego also. It can be left untreated which will permit it to turn a grayish color, but does not destroy the integrity of the wood. To..

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It wasn't until several years later when we realized we were getting pretty good at refinishing teak. We had received our college degrees and in a struggling economy we decided to create something out of nothing. We had done our research on the..

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