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InGeoForum is the information and cooperation forum shared by providers and users of spatial data, geographic information systems (GIS) and services (geo-information). Our basic intention is to promote geo-information on a national and regional level..

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Geo Aspects develop software solutions for all aspects of geographical information systems...

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Geo-Enterprises is a complete materials supplier and has a list of products that allows for fast and reliable completion of almost any geothermal project... Geo-Enterprises, Inc. specializes in the design and application of geothermal heating and..

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ORCA Geo Services is ready to serve your geo-spatial needs... ORCA offers custom made decision support systems which tailor to your business's needs. We design, develop and implement customer specific service solutions. In addition we offer expert..

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Geo-Information Communication (GIC) Limited was incorporated in May 2002 in Kampala, Uganda. It is an information technology-based company with a focus on providing solutions and services in the area of Geographical Information Systems (GIS), Global..

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Hyderabad, India
Geo InfoSpace Pvt Ltd is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company with over 30 personnel. Geo InfoSpace is a premier solutions provider in the field of Geographical Information System (GIS), Remote Sensing, Survey and Software Development Applications..

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Villeurbanne, France
Our core activity is GIS - Geographic Information Systems. Our specialties cover Geo-Analytics. Our conviction is that space is a key dimension. Our daily challenge is to democratize Geo-Business Intelligence within all kinds of companies and..

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The Group on Earth Observations (GEO) was launched at the 2002 Summit on Sustainable Development in South Africa. Its main vision is to build a Global Earth Observation System of Systems (GEOSS) through a coordination of remote sensing activities..

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Geo & Logic is delighted to launch another sister company to its group named secure zone security services... Geo & Logic was established in 2005 at Dubai UAE. G&L offers Information Technology services related to GPS Tracking solutions, GIS..

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Moscow, Russia
Gazprom Space Systems has created, and now operates and develops Yamal satellite communication and broadcasting system as well as designs aerospace monitoring system SMOTR, provides telecommunication and geo-information services...

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