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Poole, United Kingdom
Vecsoft is a software company based in Poole, UK, we specialise in intelligent, real-time business management solutions and point-of-sale software systems. We are dedicated to providing top quality software with exceptional support...

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Convergent Software Limited is a software company dedicated to facilitating convergence to RFID standards through software products, tools and services. Established in 2007, Convergent Software has clients in three continents... Convergent Software..

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NORWICH, UNITED KINGDOM is changing the IoT landscape by delivering continuously updated software platforms for a secure, connected world... We are a spin-out from, and are funded by, Linaro Ltd, a leading global software company delivering Open Source..

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Brighton, United Kingdom
BlackJet Software was founded in 2012 by Stuart Wheelwright, a software developer and architect with over 16 years of experience building software for a wide range of industries... BlackJet Software, based in Manchester UK, has over 16 years of..

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Bournemouth, United Kingdom
Riverblade is a UK based independent software vendor established in 2004 and specialising in software quality tools and development environment integration. We are based in Bournemouth, Dorset, on the south coast of England... Any organisation can..

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London, United Kingdom
Hatchgate Software was founded in 2009 by Paul Grosse, a professional software developer specialising in customized business applications, and providing skilled IT Consultancy for over 25 years within the computing industry... Highly experienced in..

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Wilburton, United Kingdom
7th software is a design house and consultancy for all ARM-related software... This business was founded in September 2002 by Stephen Revill, a former employee of Acorn Computers Ltd, Element 14 Ltd, Pace Micro Technology plc and Castle Technology..

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Accountz is a UK based software developer totally focused on producing outstanding accounting software to enable our customers to control either their home finances or their business... Our business accounting software was first issued over 20 years..

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Greenwich, United Kingdom
Cytec Solutions is an independent software business with a passion for developing and implementing automated solutions. We develop high quality tailored software to help companies and administrators to efficiently manage their share plans and insider..

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Westbury, United States
RedTie is a software developer with a difference, grown originally from a calendar print company, we are printers first, software developers second. We also understand that software is just a tool and as such needs to be used correctly to get the..

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