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World Pencil is made up of a charity - World Pencil Trust - and a social enterprise - World Pencil Ltd, which donates the majority of its profits (almost 100% to date) to World Pencil Trust. We work through a small central team and a wide range of..

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Richard Sandbrook's Place is run by the Richard Sandbrook Trust. A leading influence in the sustainable development movement, Richard Sandbrook was a widely sought-after advisor working with a huge range of people and causes... The Richard Sandbrook..

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The National Archives Trust will enhance the capacity for The National Archives to deliver world-class education and engagement activities, to allow people of all ages to access the rich archival heritage of the UK...

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ARC is made up of our computational science team, led by Associate Vice President for Research Computing Dane Skow, and system and operations team, led by Director of ARC Operations Kevin Shinpaugh... Advanced Research Computing (ARC) provides..

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Schalmont produces scholar-athlete teams, accomplished artists, award-winning musicians and civic-minded youth who volunteer their time to help community members in need... Schalmont Central School District spans five towns and three counties to..

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Buckingham is unique. It is the only independent university in the UK with a Royal Charter, and probably the smallest with nearly 3,300 students (approx 1,600 on campus). Honours degrees are achieved in two intensive years of study. We keep class..

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