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IPF Partners is a leading alternative financing provider solely dedicated to the healthcare sector. The focus is on commercial stage digital health, biopharma, healthcare services and medtech companies as well as late development stage biotechs.....

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UTFA is the only independent advocate for faculty and librarians at the University of Toronto... UTFA is here to help you and to represent you on matters related to your academic appointment...

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SCI-Arc was founded in 1972 in Santa Monica by a group of faculty and students from the Department of Architecture at Cal Poly Pomona, who wanted to approach the subject from a more experimental perspective than traditional schools offered... SCI-..

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Our legal practice is guided by the principles of ethics, solidarity and respect for the environment. These are translated into tangible objectives in DS Avocats' 2025 Strategic Development Plan and are the central thread of our reflection and..

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WE BELIEVE that we must engage every student, every day; learning is achieved by cultivating curiosity and encouraging determination, focus, and hard work; and adult learning and engagement are key to student learning... The Department of..

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MassCPAs was incorporated in 1900. Since then, we've guided the profession and helped generations of accountants. As we move forward, we're committed to continuing to serve our members by increasing the value of CPAs, safeguarding the CPA designation..

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