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World Pencil is made up of a charity - World Pencil Trust - and a social enterprise - World Pencil Ltd, which donates the majority of its profits (almost 100% to date) to World Pencil Trust. We work through a small central team and a wide range of..

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CVS Inverclyde is a company limited by guarantee, registered in Scotland No: SC255005 and a Scottish Charity SC024376; Inverclyde Community Trading Limited is a wholly owned trading subsidiary of CVS Inverclyde and a company limited by share,..

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The DeLTA Center is an interdisciplinary research community transforming conventional conceptions of development and learning by promoting reciprocal interactions between basic and applied researchers, by training the next generation of collaborative..

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Justice Reflections is an ecumenical collection of theological papers appearing three times a year. The publication incorporates worldwide papers linking Christian ideas with matters of justice. Each issue consists of up to eight papers in English of..

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ISSW is supported by the International Shock Wave Institute (ISWI) ( and the ISSW International Advisory Committee... The International Symposia on Shock Waves (ISSW) are the meetings of the scientific community devoted to..

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