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Kansas Heart Hospital is an acute care hospital located in Wichita, providing specialized cardiovascular, surgical vascular services... Kansas Heart Hospital is committed to providing and setting the highest standard of specialized cardiovascular..

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REQUIREMENTS: School Board members must be United States citizens, at least 18 years of age, residents of Illinois and the School District for at least one year immediately preceding the appointment, and registered voters. School Board Members must..

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We are the flagship teacher preparation program in Kansas - rooted in pedagogy, technology, diversity and social-emotional learning... Accreditation, mission, initiatives, directories, news and events, publications and documentaries in the K-State..

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As a cornerstone of the Johnson County, Ks., community, we strive to bring the best educational opportunities and experiences to campus... At JCCC, community is core to our mission. We know that learning strengthens communities, and we are committed..

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