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New Incentives offers conditional cash transfers (CCTs) to incentivize infant vaccination in North West Nigeria. There is strong evidence that expanding vaccination reduces illness and death among young children. CCTs could plausibly be a cost-..

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TIS is with Taylor's Schools - a collaborative network of award-winning international schools. Together we share our expertise and with our unique approaches to learning, we are at the forefront of international education in Malaysia... Learning at..

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In the halls of power, Public Citizen has represented citizens for nearly two generations - through the awakening of the consumer movement; the struggle for health, safety and environmental and marketplace safeguards in the 1960s and the 1970s; the..

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Our goal is to detect ovarian cancer in its earliest stages when the survival rate is greater than 90%. Earlier detection will enhance the treatment options for women since women who are diagnosed early require less extensive surgery and less toxic..

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Clifford Chance is one of the world's pre-eminent law firms, with significant depth and range of resources across five continents. Get in touch today for expert advice... Clifford Chance has announced five new appointments to its leadership team to..

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Build something massive with CDL-Rockies at Haskayne... CDL employs an objectives-based mentoring process with the goal of maximizing equity-value creation. The program is delivered over a 9-month term, which consists of five full-day objective-..

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Haskayne is a prominent research-oriented business school where big ideas come to life and the joy of discovery flourishes... The Haskayne School of Business offers a full range of degree programs including: Bachelor of Commerce; Master of..

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