MASTER PARK OXTED - History of Changes

2019-03-26 delete treasurer Keith Willis
2019-03-26 insert treasurer Amanda Starr
2019-03-26 delete person Henry Webber
2019-03-26 delete person Keith Willis
2019-03-26 delete person Tony Kulp
2019-03-26 insert person Amanda Starr
2019-03-26 insert person Gilbert Kearns
2019-03-26 insert person Robert Sayer
2017-10-06 delete personal_emails
2016-12-03 insert personal_emails
2016-06-21 update person_title Tony Kulp: Trustee; Co - Opted Trustee => Secretary to the Committee - Dr Ian Simm
2015-08-06 delete person Niall Roberts
2015-08-06 insert person Kevin Powell
2014-05-14 delete person Bob Dalziel
2014-05-14 insert person Niall Roberts
2014-05-14 update person_title Tony Kulp: Trustee; Constitution Lays Down That There Shall Be Four Elected Trustees, Three Trustees Representing the Sports Clubs, and Up to Two Co - Opted Trustees; Co - Opted Trustee => Trustee; Co - Opted Trustee
2013-09-18 delete person Lily Waters
2013-09-18 insert person Dr Ian Simm
2012-10-25 delete person Denize Wallace
2012-10-25 insert person Lily Waters