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4949 NE 16th Avenue, Unit D Portland, OR 97211-5000
MAXadvisor Private Management is registered with the state of Oregon and headquartered in Portland, but we've got clients all over the United States. And while we may not be located right down the street, we're always happy to chat on the phone or via email... We're a low-fee investment advisor. Our annual management fee is just 0.50% for the first $3 million of assets under management 1 (and just 0.30% on balances over $3 million). A recent study 2 found that the average advisory fee for households with $1,000,000 was 1.02%. In 20 years 3, 1.02% fee would reduce the value of a million dollar portfolio by $238,801 more than the same portfolio with 0.50% fee. A 2.00% fee, paid by 15% of advisory clients, would reduce portfolio value by $628,838... One size fits all is fine when you're buying socks or a ski hat, but your investment portfolio? Not so much. Unlike many advisors that cram your money into the same cookie-cutter portfolio as all their other clients, we work with you to find..
Also known as: MAXADVISOR LLC
Primary location: Portland United States
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