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I am not sure, is this my fate or destiny, but socionics had fallen in my hands as from the heaven. I had not foreseen or come focused to it, although an astrologer had foreseen it in 1995. I was angry, as it seemed, how incredible things he was telling me. Horoscope announced that I will turn to science and I will leave my experience in my books for the next generation… I was unable to believe it. I took that horoscope away, I took no actions with determination... However, all happened as it was to happen. First of all I passed "typologist practice". It was in 1997 that I had established Dating Agency "Scarletta" and when I started to use socionics for putting couples in touch, I get convinced the first time in my life about efficiency of science. Results were astounding. Thus socionics does work!... Do you think it is self-glorification? No, it was not only I who succeeded! I highly appreciate many people engaged. I give thanks to my ex-colleague Mrs. Ilona Paica who handed..
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