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That's why we approach our planning with a 360 degree view. We help you look at the bigger picture with a combination of financial, social, and risk planning to ensure that the event will run on budget and meet all expectations from you and your guests... We have a wide range of experience in planning events. From Semi Formals and Formals, to Weddings and Birthdays. We've organized ski trips, vacations, corporate events and many charitble activities. These events have hosted as few as 20 people to over 300+. We're confident that our past experience can help fulfil your current and future needs... In today's busy world, contemporary brides will find that life is very busy in either career, social life, or family life and thus face HUGE challenges when it comes to designing their own wedding. Did you know that planning even a small wedding can take about 250+ hours of your already busy life? That's why wedding planners exist, to ensure you spend as little time possible minding the..
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