This beach house has a private courtyard, garden and outstanding vistas of the Sea. All services are maintained year round. We are located in Spa Buena Vista, just south of Los Barriles. On each side of us are upscale resorts within walking distance. You can actually take advantage of rthe resort's amenities, use the pool, the spa, have a drink at the bar or just relax on their lounge chairs... We live in California with our little Baja Dog Chaquita (We found Chaquita and her sisters near Casa Playa Buena Vista in spring 2010 - she is the most loving dog one could imagine). Unfortunatey we do have to work so we cannot come down to Baja as often as we would like to. OUr favroute activity in Baja is exploring. We often drive into the mountains on dirt roads with no aprticular destination. IN the Sierra La Laguna Mountains you can find beautiful hidden waterfalls, little ranchos and a great variety of flora and fauna. We love Jazz music...but what´s even more fun is Salsa..
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